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At G&A Psychiatric Practice we believe in a gentle collaborative partnership with our patients. We strive to treat the whole person, so we dedicate our time to understanding each patient’s individual and unique needs.Depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and other diverse conditions are often inherited through genetics, but life circumstances or unhealthy ways of thinking worsen these conditions and their associated symptoms.

This is the reason why our providers work very closely with patients to explore healthy lifestyle techniques, including ways to improve sleep conditions and incorporate healthy nutrition and exercise.

Our providers are passionate about many types of healing modalities, with the judicious use of medications if necessary. We recognize that trust and a strong therapeutic alliance with a provider is also a necessary foundation upon which all great change can happen. We strive to focus on building a high level of trust with all clients in a safe, comfortable environment.

G&A Psychiatric Practice first opened its doors in Austin, Texas. The clinic joined a group of physicians in 2013, then became its own entity once again relocating its services to the greater Houston area.

Our clinic specializes in the diagnosis and management of neuropsychiatric disorders, using a variety of available tools that includes a complete psychiatric evaluation, electronic psychometric scales, medication management, laboratory testing, and enzymatic polymorphic testing.

As part of your holistic care, we may facilitate referrals to other health-allied services including: other specialists, psychotherapists, and advocate and support groups. In addition, we provide you with educational tools to improve your overall health.

Laboratory analysis, including genetic testing and blood work may be included as part of your treatment plan to rule out underlying organic causes for a psychiatric condition. An in-depth genetic analysis of liver enzymes can also be completed to help guide medication selection, when appropriate.

After their initial assessment, patients can expect a treatment plan. This may entail a prescribed medication, referral to therapy, a combination of both, or referral to other specialists if appropriate.

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