Choose a Family Practice Dedicated to Women's Health Carein Houston, TX

Every patient’s needs are unique, but women face particular health challenges that merit attention from a professional with a passion for this area of medicine. At G&A Wellness Medical Clinic, PLLC, we believe in tailored support that works for the whole family while addressing the health of each member holistically. With our approach to women’s health care in Houston, TX, you can have the confidence of in-depth treatment with the convenience of our family practice.

From health screenings to contraception, we offer the assistance and insight you need to make smart decisions about your wellbeing. Plus, with staff experienced in family medicine, we know how to work with the intersections of different health concerns and deliver a complete, compassionate experience every time you visit our office.

A Female Doctor Discusses Healthcare with a Patient

Everything You Need for Wellness in One Place

The average woman doesn’t get much time to herself. Between work, family, and other concerns finding the time for family planning and personal health is no easy task. As your primary care physician, we strive to offer everything our patients require without the need for separate doctors. When you need to schedule checkups for the kids and an annual exam for yourself with only one day off to spare, you can get it done here — no compromise required.

You deserve to feel your best and always stay on top of potential health risks. We offer a diverse set of preventative health care services, including:

• Gynecology Services – Pap Smears, Menopausal management, Contraception Management, Diagnosis & Treatment of gynecological conditions, Women's Wellness Exams 

• Pregnancy Support & Obstetrical Services –  Preconception, prenatal, and postpartum care

• Weight Management

• Bone Density Scans

• Mammograms

Putting You in Control of Your Health

The most crucial factor for life-long wellness isn’t the doctor you see. It’s you. The way you live, when you seek treatment, and the options you choose to encourage health all add up over time. But how do you know the best strategies to stay in your best possible condition? That’s where we come in.

Through a combination of proactive, preventative care and reactive, situational treatment, we ensure that you always have the power to be the deciding factor in your health. Whether it’s through our well-woman exams or assistance with specific illnesses, we provide comprehensive support for your health.

Don’t Wait to Get Care

No matter your health history, it’s always important to see a doctor you trust regularly. Particularly for women, there’s a lot to look out for when it comes to staying in your best shape. You don’t have to do it alone, though. Schedule your first physical exams now and let us make your well-being our priority.

Contact us today to set up an appointment with a family doctor who can help you stay healthy. We proudly serve Houston, TX, and the surrounding areas.