Compassionate & Attentive Pediatric Primary Care in Houston, TX 

Children are among the most valuable members of our society, and they also need special care from a health standpoint since they are growing, changing, and developing rapidly. In addition to regular checkups and medical milestones like immunization, there are also the bumps and bruises of childhood that call out for attention too. For pediatric primary care in Houston, TX, rely upon the team at G&A Wellness Medical Clinic, PLLC.

An Approach Tailored to Children

It’s safe to say that children are not just small adults. They are unique individuals who require a specialized approach to medical care. The differences between treating a child and an adult can be vast at times and call for the attention of a pediatrician.

Not only is there a wide range of variables between children and adults, but the gap is also equally massive within the youngest members of our community. Consider the health needs of a newborn as compared to a 17-year-old high school student, and you will see what we mean. They are both considered children, but they have very different needs and health considerations.

Children of all ages benefit from the care and compassion of our staff members who are experienced and skilled in providing the attention they need, whether it’s a checkup, allergy testing, or treating a football injury.

Pediatrician Performing Physical Exam on a Baby

Creating Your Child's Path to Wellness

It seems that children, sneezes, fevers, and sniffles go hand-in-hand, and this is especially true when they start school. Germs and colds and viruses get quickly passed from student to student. Sick-child visits to our clinic are a regular part of our trusted services we provide to families.

When your young one is not feeling well -- maybe they are suffering from an earache -- help them get better by booking an appointment with us for diagnosis and treatment. We’ll find out what the condition is and provide a solution through medication and other measures as required.

 In addition to treating children who are suffering from a range of symptoms for various ailments, we also offer well-child visits for routine checkups to measure the development and growth of your child. These visits are useful to assess the overall health of the patient and for identifying any conditions that may require further attention down the road.

Caring for the Entire Family

Not only does our clinic offer pediatric services, but we welcome the entire family. Our services span the full range of health and wellness from vaccinations to family medicine to internal medicine to women’s health care. We treat your family members like they are our family too.

Contact us to learn more about our clinic. We proudly serve families in and around Houston, TX.